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Daddy’s Birthday

Denison, Texas
July 6, 85

Dear Sam,

Happy birthday!
Frank was 30 the 6th so you see ever one is havng one. We went to Richards and had supper & Ice Cream and Cake and wished you all were thair! Marg called this morning they are giving him another treatment today They will be back Monday. He will be very sick for a few days.

George & Family are in Glorieta all week. Will return Sun.

I wish I could see you more often but it seems every one has thair own problems and not much time to visit. I enjoyed seeing Boyd Sun Thur nght. He is such a fine Boy You all will soon be all alone It’s not a bad thing. It is ment for them to leave out If you have the write atitude
I love you “My First Born” and hope to see you soon.

Tell all hello.

Love ya,
Prov. 3:6


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